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Who We Are

Since 2005, Proforce has helped tens of thousands of graduates land top paying jobs at over 1200 companies, from international corporations and tech startups.

Now, we’re helping these graduates and other Millennials to fast track their financial successes in life and reach their financial goals sooner by helping them become confident money managers & investors.

We believe the wider financial services industry has failed in educating young Australians on their personal finances, and we are tired of seeing our generation struggle financially and unable to access affordable professional help to get the financial kick start they need.

What We Do

We’re not your parents’ financial adviser! At Proforce Wealth Academy, you’ll get affordable professional advice and exclusive financial self-education opportunities through our unique coaching membership & wealth management tools.

By providing smart cashflow management strategies, the best in class money management tools & coaching support, as well as ongoing opportunities to learn in real time about how to get ahead financially – we can help you reach your goals sooner.

We’ll help you get into your first home, save more for travel, reduce your debt, learn about shares, find the right investments or whatever else you’re trying to achieve. We'll give you a simple but effective plan and be there to support you along the way.

Financial Advice For Our Generation

Proforce Wealth Academy is Tailor Made For Young Professionals

Mobile App

Consolidate your finances, keep track of your spending and stay on track to your financial goals with our customisable wealth tools.

1-on-1 Coaching

Create a budget, savings or debt repayment plan and power up your monthly pay cheque with a personalised money plan.

Expert Monthly Content

Your coach will keep you on track with quarterly catch ups and our expert coaches provide regular videos and articles about the financial stuff you care about.

Why Us?

Perhaps you’re looking for financial advice but aren’t sure where to start.

Maybe you don’t trust the big banks, and we don’t blame you. Hiring a financial adviser isn’t for everyone and can be an expensive way to get the basics right.
App’s can be great for helping you automate your savings and start investing but none of them can offer you the ‘personal touch’ that only comes working with real people.

ProForce Wealth Academy is the first financial coaching service of it's kind - truly made for Millennials and by Millennials. We help you learn, keep you engaged and on track with your finances so you can transform yourself into a savvy money manager for the long haul.
Your financial success is our endgame. We’ve got everything you need to manage your personal finances under one roof!


We have revolutionised access to money management help for everyday young Aussies, so that you no longer need to spend thousands of dollars for financial advice to start getting ahead financially. 

Your Membership To Our Program Includes:

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