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Supporting & motivating your early career talent with financial wellness training and coaching. 


We bring over 15 years experience in graduate recruitment & financial services together to support businesses & employees with higher employee engagement & wellbeing in their teams.  

Our suite of solutions combines financial education, training & personal coaching to deliver high-impact experiences and real results. 

Money problems follow your employees to work.

Financially stressed employees are less engaged at work and are more likely to underperform and take additional time off. Two in five Australian employees will experience financial stress over their working lives, lasting on average for 6.4 years or more. In fact, financial stress is costing Australian businesses an estimated $31.1 billion annually. according to AMP’s Financial Wellness Report. 1

Good news: you can help break the cycle.

It’s What We Do!

We are a dedicated financial coaching & advisory business focused on improving the financial wellness of your millennial employees.

Since 2005, ProForce has worked with over 1500 corporate partners to place over 15,000 graduates on their career path, across all industries.


During this time, our experience in re-engineering & re-invigorating young sales teams has taught us that employees who feel good about their finances, work with purpose. 

They understand how their contribution to your organisation supports their own financial goals and ultimate financial success in life.

Some of the specific benefits of the Proforce Wealth approach to financial wellness at work

Higher engagement at work & desire to attain goals and targets

Better activity and focus around KPI’s

Less stresses and anxiety

Higher retention rates amongst millennial staff

According to a

Galaxy Research Report

65% of Millennials said they’d have stayed longer in a career role if management had shown an interest in them as an individual with some form of personalised planning.2 Our unique model provides a personalised, multi-channel approach designed to enable & support employees to achieve their financial goals.
Did you know that the top three ambitions for both Millennial & Gen Z cohorts are to: 3

See the world

Buy a home of their own

  • Be Wealthy

Proforce Wealth helps employees reach their financial goals with a personalised financial wellness experience.

Whether you are looking to include financial wellness into your corporate health & wellbeing program or you are looking to include financial coaching as a stand alone offer – we can help.

Proforce Wealth promises to move employees from financial literacy to financial empowerment – delivering lasting change in their financial world and improved performance in your organisation.

Experienced team

Our coaching team are professional qualified advisors who are able to make difficult money concepts easy to understand both in person and online.

Online Programs

Our online modules ensure employees are supported 24/7 with making smart money choices and constantly engaged with expert video content, live webinar trainings & a monitored questions box to encourage ongoing engagement & good financial habits.

Built in accountability

Employees receive 1-on-1 personal financial coaching to develop a tailored approach to managing their finances which promotes lasting behavioral change. Coaching is a high impact experience, motivating and inspiring your early talent to reach their personal goals. 

Active Learning with digital tools

Our comprehensive wealth portal & personal finances portal is fully integrated into the program, enabling employees to put what they learn into action, bring their financial management under one roof and stay plugged into their personal finances every step of the way.

We make it simple to integrate

We know the early career learning & development is structured and their time is precious. 

We work with you to determine the best stage to introduce training & have a suite of tools designed to help you communicate and engage your graduates.

We’ve built in everything you need to succeed with:

A dedicated wellbeing partner

Tailored communication materials

Survey & Feedback Reports

Ready to bring life change to your team? 

Let’s do this!

(1) Financial Wellness in the Australian Workplace’, TNS 2014, page 11
(2) Galaxy Research White Paper – Motivating Millennials Managing Tomorrow’s Workforce Today (2016)
(3) The Deloitte Global Millennial Survey 2019