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About Proforce Wealth

Since 2005, ProForce has worked with over 1500 corporate partners to place over 15,000 graduates on their career path.

During this time, our experience in re-engineering & re-invigorating young sales teams has taught us that employees who feel good about their finances, work with purpose.

They understand how their contribution to your organisation supports their own goals and ultimate financial success in life which ultimately leads to better personal & business outcomes.

Our programs are designed to enable & support employees to achieve their financial goals, whilst also assisting employers to address the specific millennial management challenge of employee retention.

We offer a holistic approach to financial wellness for employees. ProForce Wealth is licenced as a corporate authorised representative of an Australian FSL and is able to offer a holistic range of general financial advice as well as education, coaching and training both online & offline.

Combined with our 10 plus years’ experience in delivering &driving sales performance excellence in thousands of organisations around Australia with over 15,000 graduates -we have a unique insight into the education and training needs of millennial sales teams with regards to their personal finances.

Proforce Wealth partners with forward-thinking companies to improve their employees' financial wellness, through personalised programs that improve financial wellbeing, workplace culture and corporate productivity.

Meet Our


Rebecca Maher

Managing Director & Head Financial Coach

Rebecca is our Managing Director & Head Financial Coach. She has over 9 years experience in financial services industry working and is a licensed financial adviser.

After starting her career as a trainee Financial Adviser in 2010, Rebecca has worked across a range of different corporate positions before starting her own successful financial coaching & advice business in 2016. After joining ProForce in late 2018, Rebecca was named a Finalist in the AFA’s Rising Star Award
to recognise the brightest new talent in financial advice.

Rebecca has been featured in a number of mainstream media outlets including Canstar, SMH Money, Money Magazine and Weekend Sunrise on Channel 7.

Rebecca loves helping ProForce wealth academy members to be their own financial boss. She encourages all our members to lean into getting their own personal financial world on track so that they can achieve their financial goals whilst still enjoying life along the way.

By offering them the right tools, the right support and the right guidance, Rebecca is committed to helping every Australian Millennial through ProForce Wealth Academy to get their life on track with a financial plan that makes their goals in life a reality.


Kathryn Whitehead

Company Director / National Sales Manager

Rebecca Maher

Company Director / Head Financial Adviser & Coach

Blair Whitehead

Company Director / Sales Director

Andrew Wurf

Membership Manager