cruising is the latest millennial travel trend

Cruising is the Latest Millennial Travel Trend

How many times have you been scrolling through your instagram feed and seen the hashtag #takemeback on a photo of someone posing in picturesque scenery? Well, it’s something that happens a lot as millennials, more than other generations, are making travel a priority. Contiki tours and backpacking around the world were almost a right of passage at one point in time but cruising is the latest millennial travel trend. 


Something for all Millennials

Cruise ships are appealing for millennials from all walks of life. You’ve got the kids club for the family orientated millennial, the day spa and adult oasis for the millennial couple wanting to kick back, and various cocktail bars and nightclubs for anyone who just wants to forget the world with their friends for a little while. 

It’s such a relaxing way to travel at a very affordable price and had been overlooked by millennials for a very long time. But why should Boomers have all the fun? Cruise lines have caught on that younger people are interested and they’re updating their decor and activities to suit a younger crowd.


Full of experiences to be had

Millennials tend to value experiences over possessions and cruises happen to be full of experiences to be had. There are adventures around every corner with things like casinos, rock climbing, laser tag, pools, spas and even water slides, and that’s all without leaving the ship. There are endless experiences available while the ship is docked too including white water rafting, snorkeling, treetop tours, cave exploring, jet rides and getting to know the locals along your journey, to name a few things. 


Unique food and dining options

Food and dining experiences are becoming something that millennials value highly and a cruise ship won’t let you down in this department either with their fine dining experiences. The food aspect of cruising is attractive to the budget-conscious millennial because the cost of meals are generally covered by the ticket price. You can sit down for a three course meal cooked by talented chefs, eat at a pizza bar, enjoy a chocolate cafe and even experience exotic food cooked by locals while visiting a shore destination. Depending on where you’re traveling, you could experience things like insects in Bangkok, street food in Singapore, French patisseries in Noumea or a traditional Hangi in New Zealand, the culinary possibilities are endless. 


Connection through social media

Image has become a very big deal to millennials and the idea of being able to take the perfect holiday pics without having to leave the ship is quite appealing to some. An important part of enjoying a holiday for a lot of millennials is being able to share the experience with social media followers, and many cruise ships now make this possible by providing WiFi. Just think how many likes you could get on an image of you holding a cocktail, lounging in a sunbed, watching the sunset. You’d be an influencer in no time!


Affordability suits financial savvy Millennials

The affordability of cruising is one of their very attractive features, you don’t need to dish out any money on expensive airfares, you won’t need to worry about a hire car, the food is generally included in the ticket price, on board entertainment is free, all you need to do is pay the one ticket price that covers your accommodation and they take care of the rest. 

Cruising offers variety, adventure, unique dining experiences, relaxation, convenience and fun at a very affordable price and it’s a holiday that everyone should have on their bucket list. It’s easy to see why cruising is the latest millennial travel trend.