How Financial Wellness Can Drive Sales Performance in Staff

Improving sales performance amongst staff has traditionally been the domain of training organisations that focus on improving job skills.

Time management and sales training are undoubtedly fundamental to success as a salesperson and hence, refining and bolstering your staff’s skills in these areas is a prerequisite for hitting sales targets and driving business revenue.

But are they enough to drive an individual to outperform – to exceed their KPIs and sales targets?

Employee Motivation

Developing in your staff the skills necessary to do their job is really just one piece of the puzzle.

You might argue that remuneration is the incentive or motivation provided to drive outperformance, especially in the case where earnings and commissions are uncapped.

However, as every sales director knows, history has shown many times over that this isn’t necessarily enough to ignite your employees motivation to deploy their skill set to its fullest potential. 


So what is the missing link?

How can you re-engage & reinvigorate your sales staff if more money and more skills are not the answer? 

The answer lies in creating a tangible connection between the contribution they make to your organisation and the achievement of their own financial goals. 

Helping them create a plan for turning the income they earn through your organisation into the things they want out of life. 

Once they are able to see the plan behind how achieving their sales targets & KPI’s translates to a time and date for achieving their own personal financial goals – the motivation is ignited. 

Why is this the case?

Well we all work to derive an income to pay for the things we want in life.

A house, a nice car, holidays with the family, providing for our kids’ education and being able to afford the kind of lifestyle we want to live.

The trouble is, most people are not taught how to manage their money properly.

Furthermore, they lack the time, inclination and skill set to really improve their personal financial health on their own.

Financial management isn’t taught at school and for the majority of us, is rarely discussed around the dinner table.

But developing this skill set is so important to the successful management and growth of an individual’s personal income.

Without a plan for managing personal cash flow and achieving their short to medium term financial goals, no amount of income ever seems enough.

There is a perpetual need for MORE money, to fill the leaky household budget.

This of course leads to financial stress and disengagement at work which can create issues with staff retention. All management problems that can be solved with the right wellness program.

Financial wellness programs are the missing link in creating an engaged, performance driven sales team.

A good financial wellness program will assist your staff to not only learn the basics of financial management through further education, but actively help them craft an individual approach to turning their remuneration into what they are really striving to achieve personally.

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