Top 9 Ways To Make An Extra $1k+ Per Month Without Quitting Your Job

Australia’s gig economy continues to explode in popularity, and we’re increasingly hearing stories of people quitting the 9-to-5 grind and earning a decent living working as a freelancer or otherwise in the gig economy. But what if you are perfectly satisfied in your current employment, but would be interested in putting in a little work on the side to increase your income?

It’s perfectly doable, and there are plenty of ways to take advantage of opportunities afforded by Australia’s burgeoning gig economy without interfering with your day job in the slightest. Read on for our top nine ideas and suggestions on how to make extra money – potentially $1,000 per month or more – without quitting your day job.

Put Ads on Your Car

If you have a relatively new car in good condition, you could easily pick up several hundred dollars a month if you’re willing to show another company’s advertising in wraparound displays on the side of your car while you drive around.

Rent Out A Spare Room or Parking Spot

We’ve all heard of Airbnb, but now they’re just one of many community marketplaces for people to book suburban accommodation in almost any area of the world. If you have a spare bedroom or granny flat, consider renting it out to travellers and earn some passive income. Similarly, if you’re in a city apartment you may just have an allocated car bay left empty much of the time. Subject to any bylaws or strata title rules you may need to check out, you could potentially rent out your parking spot to someone who works locally, and make passive income that way.

Freelance Online

Are you a talented writer, web designer, logo creator, or graphic artist? Consider taking on a handful of freelance clients to keep yourself busy after work and on weekends. You can choose to keep your rates low and work with many clients at once on a gig marketplace website like Fiverr, or charge higher rates and offer personalised service to clients willing to pay a little more on marketplaces like Upwork.

Babysitting, Pet Sitting or House Sitting

There are plenty of opportunities available for people willing to take care of other people’s valuable assets as needed. If you enjoy spending time with children, there is money to be made offering weekend babysitting services so busy parents can have a date night alone. Otherwise, consider looking after other people’s homes or pets while they are away, and earn a decent side income at the same time.

Deliver Food

Food delivery isn’t restricted to pizza any longer. Today, people love the freedom of having the cuisine of their choice delivered to their front door, and you can easily make some extra money by delivering food on ever-busy Friday and Saturday nights. If you live in a busy city area, leave your car at home and get in some exercise by delivering piping hot food on a bicycle or moped.

Rent Out Your Car And Other Items When You Don’t Need Them

If you catch public transport during the week and only use your car on weekends, there is money to be made by renting your vehicle out during the week. Similarly, if you have other valuable equipment that you don’t use all the time, you can guarantee that someone will be willing to pay for the pleasure of using your stuff when you don’t need it. New rental websites are popping up all the time, creating marketplaces for people to rent out anything from clothes to power tools, baby gear to camping equipment.

Blog, Vlog, or Podcast

This is probably the riskiest item on this list, but also potentially one of the most lucrative. For every blogger or vlogger who “makes it”, there are hundreds who started a blog, diligently update it, and never make a cent. Blogging and vlogging come down to perseverance, making connections with other bloggers, and choosing a topic other people are interested in. If you’re a keen writer or love to star in your own videos and have a message that other people want to know about, there’s no reason why you can’t be one of the lucky (and talented) few who can bring in some decent money with a blog, vlog, or podcast.

Share your Photography Skills

If you’re a keen photographer and have some decent equipment to use, there are plenty of ways of making extra money using your photography skills. The most obvious is to freelance as a photographer for events outside office hours, like children’s birthday parties, weddings, and other gatherings. Alternatively, there is money to be made by selling photos to stock image sites, or you could even create an online course and share your photography skills with others.

Carpool or Drive People Around

Uber is the classic rideshare company, but viable competitors are popping up all the time. The beauty of working for a rideshare company is that – unlike driving a taxi where you must be available for set hours – you set your own availability and work when you choose. Many of the newer rideshare companies offer generous incentives for people willing to offer rides during peak times: the perfect way to make some significant extra cash if you’re willing to give partygoers a safe lift home on a weekend night, for example.

If you already have a long daily commute, you could earn some extra cash by picking up other commuters along the way via a ridesharing company platform.

Do Odd Jobs For People

Find it difficult to fit in the exercise you need? Maybe you hate the gym but are looking for ways to lose some extra kilos and earn some extra dollars at the same time…then you might want to consider doing odd jobs for people!

Online marketplaces like AirTasker allow you to list pick up jobs for extra cash. You can do anything from mowing people’s lawns, to rearrange their wardrobes Marie Condo style. There’s jobs for pick up and delivery of items, painting, moving furniture, cleaning and even marketing, design and IT services.

In 2018 a Melbourne man by the name of Diz Jangra made $171,000 on AirTasker by helping people with painting jobs around Melbourne. He worked a whopping 40 hours per week on weekends and evenings around his day job to do it, but wanted the extra money to get ahead.

Think about your daily, weekly routine. Instead of watching Netflix every night could you dedicate two evenings a week to completing jobs for other people? What about every second Saturday or more if you’ve got some big goals coming up or some debt to crush.

The beauty of Australia’s gig economy is that there is no one way to make money. Your earning potential is limited solely by your skill set, your imagination, and your willingness to devote a little time outside of office hours to your new side venture.